Cadaqués Masterplan (Spain). 1959-1984

Cadaqués Masterplan

Year: 1959-1984

Location: Cadaqués (Spain)

Description: After returning from Paris, César Martinell i Taxorena becomes the local architect of the town of Cadaqués. He was in charge of the urban planning, project review and licensing of Cadaqués and, in addition, the historical heritage inventory and the implementation of network services, which were non-existent until that date.
Some of the objectives pursued by the architect were:
- Keep the original urban profile, by letting the Church outstand over the building complex, overlooking the bay.
- Promoting the rehabilitation in front of the new building in town.
- Restructuring of the urban fabric on the existing topography.
- Establishment of a restricted catalog of materials and colours, which was agreed along with Salvador Dalí. Anecdotally, even the proportion of mixed tiles was defined.
- Promoting mixed-use tourism activities in the urban fabric.